• A Warm and Dynamic Staff

    Rabbi Daniel Fine Founder and Program Director R’ Fine is from London and is a former student of Yeshivat Hakotel, Mir and Reb Tzvi’s. He currently teaches in Hakotel and Aish Hatorah, and has authored two books - as well as heading an online Nach program. He lives in Har Nof with his wife Janine and kids Dovid and Miriam. Read More
  • The YCA Experience

    YCA is an unforgettable month-long summer programme, predominantly based in Yeshivat Hakotel in the Old City, Jerusalem. The programme combines structured yeshiva learning with leading guest speakers and trips round Israel.
    Our young and dynamic staff caters to the needs of our students. Read More
  • Two Tracks, One Goal.

    YCA has two tracks:
    - Current or former yeshiva boys who want to extend or refresh their time in yeshiva – a month of solid learning.
    - Boys who are graduating from high school who want a taste, or a kickoff, to their yeshiva experience. Read More
  • YCA meetings in Tel Aviv with the CeOs of Barclays and Citibank, Israel


  • Jeeping and karting on the hills surrounding Jerusalem




  • Learning hard, improving skils - best location!





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YCA 2016 will take place from Thurs morning June 23 until Monday (afternoon) July 18.

(Footage from YCA 2012 taken by one of the guys.)

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